Nice Grand National Must sale


I am the second owner of this 1987 Texas Buick Grand National that has zero rust. The car is stock except for the exhaust and a chip, I have the original chip it has one dent about the size of a dime in the rear panel on the driver's side. It has had all maintenance performed and all the documentation is there for proof. The total history of the car is documented from day one. I can tell you what's been done, the day, the cost and the mileage at of the maintenance. I have replaced the front and rear bumper fillers and had them painted, and I put a new coil pack and a used module, and replaced the headliner and tires. The interior is an 8 out of 10 and it won three out of 4 car shows last summer before the painted fillers. This car has always been garage kept and it hasn't seen any rain since last Mar 2006. This is a very solid GN and the paperwork is amazing, I have every reciept from any maintenance from day 1. I also have service manual and body manual's, the 87 Buick sales book, the dealer tags, the original window sticker, and all the manuals that came with the car. It is a hardtop, with power locks, windows, power seat and all the other loaded options. The trunk and the interior look better than the motor and the outside of the car. There are two things that don't work.

Power antenna
windshield washer
If interested please pm me or feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

mileage 135,377

I must sell this car because my wife is losing her job.:frown: I am asking $14,500 or best offer.
For Sale

Some Pics!


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It is a great looking car inside and out, I appreciate the kind words and I want everyone who is looking or if they know someone who's looking to consider this GN. I have tons of pic's inside, out close or far away and can provide any information needed. Please remember it is $14,500 or best offer.
Engine Pic

Clean Engine!:smile: No rust, routine maintenance, all stock except for a chip.


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All documentation

It's all there, dealer tags, original sticker, books etc.


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Thanks Pacemkr86
Here's some more pics


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More pictures

Here are some more pics!


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Thanks Russ

Chad, sorry to see you have to sell it after all. Good luck and bump for a nice, clean GN!!

It is killing me to let it go, but I have to because of our situation. I will be looking for another GN later when we get back on our feet. I appreciate the kind words.
The interior looks good also, but for some reason I haven't been able to load those pics? Thanks for the kind words.

I have been trying all morning long to download pics of the interior. I can e-mail them on request, or if someone can help me out I appreciate it.
Interior Pics

Here some inside pictures


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