NICE, NICE GM Tensioner & MORE !!!

Thank you Neal for the helpful information! Appreciate it

Rickey was more than likely the customers name the marking 4.7 doesn't equate to anything I can think of. My suspicion based on the bronze lifter bushings and evidence of a gear drive it was once a Busch GN engine. Based on the bore size it would have originally had a 3.625" stroke. Since you have a caliper take a depth measurement off the piston to determine the stroke length.

As far as gasket go the Felpro 1026 head gasket works well for most applications you'll need to run a 1200 gasket for the intake based on the head port size. Studs or bolts is your preference, you should be able to order them from ARP. Be sure to use a good thread sealer on the threads into the block as 8 of the 14 fasteners go into the water jacket.

Later off-center 4.1 block? I see a steel #1 maincap. I coudn't see the #4 cap. 87GNTURK, Is the #4 main cap cast iron or billet steel? The cast cap versions of the 016 block used the BV6 seal. The billet cap version used BBC rear main seals. There were so many variations to the S2 blocks during this timeframe.

87GNTURK, Find yourself a Duttweiller oil pump system and replace that cobbled up mess on the front cover. Your internal oil pump pickup at the #1 main has been machined away.

Looks like a late off center block to me. It should have 4 steel main caps and take a BBC rear seal.