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This is what I have guys. I don’t know what’s in this engine, not sure if it’s a stroker engine or a stock engine.. the only thing missing is a camshaft and I’d like to go with the roller cam but I’m not sure on what size. And Also what size injectors to use. I’ll be using this on the street not as a racing car. Can anybody tell me any information about this type of engine because it’s new to me. If you guys have any questions please ask and I’ll answer. Thank you, much appreciated.
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I believe that is an off center 4.1 Stage I block ( 0016 )
try and get a good look at the bottom of the pistons. youll find a brand and a number. you can find out the information on them that way.
It's a 4.1 Stage II block not a Stage I block. The block was clearanced for a stroker crank at some point. Typically there will be some stroke length branded on either the forward counterweight or the snout of the crank. You can measure the stroke length since the heads are off by using a ruler and get reasonably close. Just measure the difference between the piston at TDC and BDC.

I appreciate your response what kind of cam sheft I should go with? It’s going to be roller hydrolic cam from full trattle
Nice find. I have been looking for one of those setups for YEARS!!!!!!!!! Sorry not much help on the camshaft selection. Good luck with your project.
In regard to a camshaft for your combo a good person to contact would be Brian Bisonetti AKA: Bison on the board. He can help with cam, turbo and torque convertor selection to make sure the parts match your application and work well together.

Those blocks are not very desirable anymore and considered ancient junk.

I will come pick it up for a bundle of ca$h.
  • It may be set up for a Danny Bee cam thrust plate? Need to look at the front of the block.
It's not set up for the Danny Bee type cam thrust retention. The Danny Bee setup sucks anyway, I wouldn't recommend it.

Here’s is what I found on the crank the name that says Rickey and it says 4.7 and I have no idea what that means. It’s the 4 inch board.
Which head gasket should I get and intakee gasket? Should I go with head bolts or head studs,, what part number on the bolts?
Appreciate everyone’s help.


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Rickey was more than likely the customers name the marking 4.7 doesn't equate to anything I can think of. My suspicion based on the bronze lifter bushings and evidence of a gear drive it was once a Busch GN engine. Based on the bore size it would have originally had a 3.625" stroke. Since you have a caliper take a depth measurement off the piston to determine the stroke length.

As far as gasket go the Felpro 1026 head gasket works well for most applications you'll need to run a 1200 gasket for the intake based on the head port size. Studs or bolts is your preference, you should be able to order them from ARP. Be sure to use a good thread sealer on the threads into the block as 8 of the 14 fasteners go into the water jacket.