Nitrous & Alcohal


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Oct 20, 2001
I am about half way done with my nitrous install. I am not sure how many of you are using alcohal and n2o but I have decided to give it a "shot".Hopfully I will have the pump & n20 set up at my shop by april 7th( 1st day our track opens) I will post my success or failure as they accure. I'm looking forward to this project. I have had great luck with n20 on my last 2 cars (Twin's 95' caprice ss 12:90 @ 105 mph & my Jeep cherokee 5.9 13:80 @ 100 mph)hopfully this goes as well. I'll keep you all posted.

Yea Yea Yea...I have fast cars blah blah blah.

Really though good luck.....I hope it works out good for you. The Nitrous and Alky on the Buick and the Nitrous at the shop.

Hopefully you'll get the chance to shoot 75 horses or so at a 4.0 JEEP.

Keep us informed.
Hmmm, alchy and nitrous.. That sounds like a hairbrained idea that I would come up with! :)

Just kidding, just kidding!! Where would we be without pioneer thinkers like yourself?

Actually the more I think about this, the more interesting it seems...

If you could find a way to scale the nitrous back in third gear, it would make things less risky starting out.

Maybe someone else has tried this. It would be great if they had, this is the first time I remember anyone trying this. I hope you can get some good suggestions, and good luck!
Sounds cool man, the only thing I can think of is that the N20 is gonna take all the heat out of the air anyways and the alchy may not be needed anymore.

Just a Thought
Yes, but the combustion process creates heat. More than cold air might handle. Prolly helps a lot, but I like the idea of alchy, just for some extra insurance..:)
I've been using N2O and Alky for awhile, and all I can say is.... it's great!!! You'll be happy with the results.
That is great to know! I should be ready to test and tune by the end of the week.Your 11:79 et makes me very hopeful! How large of a shot are you using?and whose kit?
Is the kit that everyone's using the NOS-05301 kit? For about $534 it seems like a decent investment. I've been reading that about a 50 shot is all that people use. I see the logic of that in keeping the intake temperatures down, I'm just curious as to how much has been used and how hard it is to tune for? I'd like to use about a 75 shot on modest boost and an Alky kit (once I get it ordered). I'm kind of new to TR's, so I'd really appreciate and kind of help that anyone has to offer.
I got side tracked. I am bothered by the mixed reaction of using nitrous on our cars. I changed my kit to a N -ter cooler kit. I do notice an improvment on really hot days I just can't document the realworld gains at this point.
I will find time to post some pictures of the install. I think you guys will be impressed.
So to answer your question, no. I have chickened out at this point. If somthing went wrong and I did some real damage I am not in the position to fix the car right now. I would rather enjoy what I have versus taking the chance.

Thanks for asking.

you changed the kit as in totally bought the new N-ter cooler kit or adapted your existing NOS kit for this? if you bought the kit then i would like to buy your other system. there is nothing wrong with running NOS on our cars. u have to maintain and tune it just like anything else. let me know....thanks!

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I already installed the kit on a Lt1 Caprice I use to own. When I feel more comfortable with the idea I will spray the car. Now just is'nt the time.Part of the problem before was That I needed new injectors. With them replaced I am still sorting out other probelms.

The first is 6 degrees of knock in the top of third & fourth gear I am getting. I am only running 18 lbs of boost with a pt&e street chip that has 20 degrees of timing.My SMC kit comes on at 14 lbs and the pump speed is maxed out. I am going to replace the plugs with 2 levels colder and see what happens.

I need to figure that out before I go any farther.

Thanks for your interest!!!!!