Nitrous w/ PT-54 and 22lbs of boost


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Aug 7, 2001
What are your opinions on running a 35 shot on top of 22 lbs of boost in 3rd gear. Is this to much for stock heads? If i run the 35 shot, should i use alcohol or 110+ octane race gas. If i can keep it a little on the rich side, is this safe? I would only use the juice on rare occasions and just in the top of 3rd. What are your opinions on any of this.

PT-54, V-4 s/r intercooler, Art Carr 9" 3200 stall w/ shift kit and tranny brake, trans cooler, MSD 50 lb injectors w/ chip, ATR cam, ATR 3" downpipe w/ 3" single exhaust, adj. fuel reg., volt booster, forged pistons, ect.

I think you should use 100 shot on top of 28 psi boost. With race gas and proper timing/tune of course.