No dash lights, tailights---Help

john saleeby

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Aug 5, 2006
Problem- No dash, tail, running or shift indicator lights on my 87 GN. Brake lights, head lights, turn signals, hazard flashers work

What I've done/checked- changed 5A INST LPS fuse, 5A CRUISE fuse, 20A TAIL LP fuse, and 20A GAUGES fuse. These all have power to the fuse holder and were changed even though they did not appear broken

checked/cleaned ground on left side of car trunk. checked ok

checked/cleaned grounds on the firewall behind passenger side valve cover, driver side fender and firewall on driver's side

checked wiring under center console near shifter handle ie common problem- checked ok

Tried to check for the reported common problem of a white whire that makes a sharp bend over the stering column. I removed the gauge bezel and but did not see a white whire or it's connector over the steering column

Any advice, things to check, new switches to buy LET me Know, I'm stuck.
Try disconnecting and reconnecting the headlight switch connector several times, also rotating the dimmer.

Bryan, do this from the front of the dash or from underneath and behind the dash? How do I remove the headlight switch? TIA
I think you can get to the plug on the headlight switch (white connector) from behind the dash. My car is at the paint shop so I cant look for you.

Take the bezel off and it unbolts.
The white wire on the harmonica type connectir is for the brake lihht fix.
Your problem seems to be the light switch.
There are some tabs on the headlight switch. I think I have to pop the tabs up and slide the switch toward the driver seat. Hopefully the connectors on the switch will cooperate and allow the switch to slide out.
I had and chased this problem for along time did all the stuff mentioned and more .... Change light switches double checked every ground point.... Well it ended up being the factory scothlock wire connector under neath inside the stock stereo area that connector lights up the factory and center console gear lights ... I guess after many years it just started losing contact so I popped it open and reclosed making sure it pinched the wire and that it penetrated and sure enough all my lights radio, center console, and dash, cluster worked again ...... It's always the last place I'd expect double check everything shake some wires around maybe ull get lucky .... Good luck ..... Do a search on that ull find my threads and many other very helpful ones
Thanks. I have an aftermarket radio. I will check that if the new headlight switch does not solve problem. Patience is the name of the game on this one.
Make sure you check the radio fuse, not sure on on the exact name. Mine had that problem shortly after installing an aftermarket radio I went for a drive and a wire grounded out and popped the fuse which took out my interior lights and tail lights. Brake lights and everything else still worked.