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I just got my latest issue of GM High Performance and there was only one TB in the whole magazine and It was an advertisment! Being here in Germany, I am always looking forward to receiving it, sad but true. Man someone needs to make a magazine with forced induction GMs. You know, TB, Syclones and supercharged vehicles. If I only had the time!

get used to it. They are more and more phasing out the old stuff and going to ls1 crap :frown:

Try Hemmings Muscle Machines....They have had several write ups and articles in the past few years.

The recent issue of GM High Tech was the most disappointing issue ive ever seen. I know they're going more LS1 stuff, but SCCA crap?!?! :confused:

It seems when they do a whole magazine over one type of racing, it takes them a while to get it all the articles and then put it all together for one issue. if there are more issues of SCCA, then i'll be kicking myself in the butt for renewing my issue!
Gezz, you guys are a little harsh in my opinion. Rick Jensen (current editor of GMHTP) owns a TR and has done more in the last few years to keep them getting featured as well as tech articles than anybody else. You can't blame them for featuring F-bodies and other LSx powered vehicles because that is what the masses consist of and in order for them to keep the magazine alive they have to talk about the modern muscle that is coming from the General. I'm not a road race guy either, but occasionally I'm sure they like to mix it up and include some of that for the readers that might be so I can understand this issue.

Considering our cars are about 20 years old and there isn't a large number of them on the streets anymore, I'd say GMHTP is doing a great job keeping them featured! Instead of bickering about one issue that didn't have any Buick material we should be happy if they are mentioned in every other issue.

Brick is correct. GMHTP has printed some of the best and most informed articles in Turbo Buick history. They are all new and fresh. Not some old black and white BS from 10 years ago reprinted over and over

They even had and All Buick issue.. Great race coverage , which no one else bothered to do in a main stream magazine. Lets be thankfull that Rick shares a love for these cars as we do.

Im also gonna agree with the latest issue being alittle boring ... but the road racers most likely loved it. Not everyone who reads the magazine is a dragracer.
Try Hemmings Muscle Machines....They have had several write ups and articles in the past few years.


I'm in the September issue. Page 94. It's just a half page but I am now famous!!;) To bad there was a 20mph headwind all day. :mad:

Ken B.
I kind of agree with Brick and Louie. My only complaint is that the Buick stuff they do is way,way behind with what is really going on. I know they have to cater to the advertisers but come on. When something new for these cars hits the net than I want to see it in action NOW. Instant gradifaction in other words. You hear about vendors dropping like flys. Wouldn't you think they would get more bang for thier advertising dollar if there was a heck of a lot more lead time on thier new products? I think anybody who has been reading GMHTP for the last ten years knows how to screw together a 600HP 109 block. No need to rehash that stuff.

I know I'm in the minority with this idea but what about some retro rides? I like stock. I like showroom fresh stock. I like cars that they made a million of them and its a rare sight to see one stock. For example 3rd gen Camarobirds. We all know the nut down the street with a low mileage IROC,C4 or TR. How about a page or two every month on those cars? None of the car magazines show them. I even had one of the better known muscle car rags tell me nobody gives a chit about a 200HP car with a computer and cat. Well I do. Would it hurt to respect the elders of our hobby?:mad:

It is by coincidence that I got my renewal card and the latest issue of GMHTP during the same week...but after reading the magazine I decided not to renew. There was nothing written at all about Turbo Regals and that was the main reason I was subscribing to it, but now, seeing that they talk less and less about our cars, there's no reason (for me at least) to subscribe to it anymore.

Claude :frown:
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I can remember when these guys had articles about TR's every issue... now they cater to a$$clown ricers who drop $30,000 into a 4 banger to make it run 10.s....

as do I, TRs and TTAs are what got Turbo started. I may even have a old, real old, issue around here in a box somewhere. but is more like ricers who drop 30k into their cars to run 12s if that, the rest of the money goes into body kits, paint, stickers, boom boom, playstations and neon and the like.:mad:
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I like the LS1 stuff so I'm cool with that. Road racing is not my cup of tea. Jensen has said it before, you can't please everyone. I'm sure they had alot of emails from road racers wanting what they got in this issue. Yeah it sucks but I don't think the next issue will be as bad, I hope.
Oh and who even deals with eastern performance anyway?? Why a twin turbo kit? I promise if you have the right converter/turbo it will spool like mad.
Latest issue was lame and virtually worthless IMHO. Let's hope it picks up and improves on our account. If not, no renewal for me and a long time subscriber here.
I agree the last issue was kinda lame. I don't think it's a good idea to condense every piece they had written about scca into one magazine. They could have spread it out a little over a few months and had a little of both types of racing. I only read it on the toilet, so it's not a big deal to me. This newest edition just makes me get off the toilet sooner! (also, I killed a fly with the newest edition, so it works for me) It was cool to see the twin turbo setup in last month's issue. I still think it's a great magazine.
For turbo Buick tech stuff and how-to's I would rather come here to rather than GMHTP.;) These cars have been around for 20 years and any and all things that have been done to these cars can be found right here. Thank god for the internet.

I would like to see more featured cars and their owners instead. That's what I always look forward to in every issue of GMHTP. So you guys with magazine quality cars, send em in!

Back when I was into 3rd gen F bodies, we shared the same sentiments as the turbo Buick guys. I bet the Sy/Ty guys feel that way too. But I can't say I blame GMHTP for a lot of the 4th gen Fbod/LSx coverage. It's what's hot right now and they must cater to the majority if the magazine has to survive.
I haven't seen the issue but its kind of sad that so many of you think that road racing is crap.

Especially being stationed in Germany where road racing is just called racing. I would think you'd be at least somewhat interested. What I would do for a lap around the Nurburgring.... Road racing is so much more dynamic than drag racing in that every aspect of performance is involved to include to the largest extent the driver.

Bear in mind this is coming from a guy with no front sway bar and 3.5 inch wide front wheels on his TR.
I do race karts fairly often though and it does get loathsome hearing the euro snobs talk about how American cars can't handle and how Americans don't know how to drive. Sadly, to a large extent the latter is true when "road racing is crap" is the prevailing mentality.
I know I can't speak for everyone on THIS board, but to a great extent this board caters to Buick Grand National, T-Type, and TTA owners. These cars are primarly owned by Drag Racers, NOT road racers. Yea, there's a few on here who might dable in 'road racing', but overall we own these cars for the 1/4 mile capablities of these great "muscle cars". So it should come to no suprise that there are SOME people on here who think road racing is crap. I wouldn't mind trying it someday, but it's not like there are 'road racing' courses in most peoples area's and I wouldn't even think about it in the GN. Hell, it's over an hour to the drag strip for me right now. I guess I would buy a Vette if that's what my cup of tea was. Not ment to flame anyone hear just my 2cents.

Ken B.