Noble Results

Quik Six

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Jun 22, 2001
Noble Results, indeed!!

Team Buick lined up 82 cars by 2:00 PM today and Team Ford lined up 73. Buick team dominated the competition 54-19 by unoffical results and we had 8 cars that either broke or did not have a Ford to race. Our team was much stronger overall and at the top end where the Fords usually dominant. The #10 qualifier for us this year ran a 9.45 versus last years #10 qualifier running 10.37 if I remember correctly.

I won $10 for consistent 60' and stayed in the tower to watch the races. Got to see several games of light bulb chess and some great drag races. John Plog and his opponent played a great game of light bulb chess with John probably pulling the launch of his life and he ran a 9.41 which Andres form his racing group said made John the 2nd fastest steel headed 109 block car in the country. Jerry Chambers race was so close that he probably would have won if he had gotten a hair cut yesterday. John Schmidt, Jack Cotton and Bones Hayhurst all gave great demonstrations of how to keep it between the white lines at 150 MPH.

I was surprised by low number of Fords that came and we had a fairly large dropout from our committed list. Of course we missed our folks and hope they can make it next year. I also am sad that we had people that busted their butts to get their cars and broke them on Friday. That one that sticks out to me is Will Barnes who not only busted his butt to get ready; he drove the car from West Texas. I haven't heard how he got back yet but I'm confident that he got home.

We also need to say thanks to everyone who came a long distance to be here. It's a long drive from Massachusetts and Ohio to Noble and this was my first chance to see Jack's Pumpkin and John's Riviera in person. Impressive cars.

There are a large number of people who drove anywhere from 100 miles to 500 miles to get to Noble and I would like to thank all of you as group for doing so.

Lastly, we have to thank Dick Walker and all of the members of the Shootout staff that work extremely hard to make this a great event. I'd bet some serious money that Race Director Scott Hetzel has been at home in bed for at least 2 hours.

Hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable trip home.

Looking forward to next year.

Phil Engle
Sweet! Back to back wins will be out there next year for sure. Great job for all that went out and competed.
My hat is off to the both Teams for their efforts. I am most impressed with the Buick Team participation and the level of performance. We were also enhanced by the Team members with Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Oldsmobile entries. The Ford guys will not take this lightly. Great job guys !!! Thanks, Phil, for keeping the fire burning and information coming. I observed those 10 second passes you made and know how much went into the effort to get it there. 16 years, Team Buick, 7---- Team Ford, 9 Dick W
I was glad I got to make the event it was a very organized and very entertaining day of racing. The pumpkin was very impressive, and boy did that Riviera have a close call I'm glad he kept control of it. Woah that charcoal grey t type that went a 8.63 iirc man was that thing moving, it was lifting the front tires up about a 100 ft out the crowd was going crazy!
Anyone have videos to show us on some of the action this weekend?

They can show up about anywhere.:biggrin:

I'm tracking the lounge and the video library and there are threads in each of those. The committment list thread will also be a popular posting place and I'm using the search function looking for "Noble" to keep up with others.

Did you notice how many views and posts there were on the commitment list thread? Lots of interest in this event.

Phil Engle
Wow it seem this year a lot of gns and Trs popped up!!! At the track at the car cruises and for sale..82 cars for team buick at noble thats awesome!!!!
Well, I just want to let everyone know what a great time I had this year. Thanks to the OK Buick club for another great event and I will be there for next year! Oh so close, 11.015@ 123.6 mph. Hopefully I will be in the 10 second group next time. Jon Hanson
Anyone have videos to show us on some of the action this weekend?

Oh yes...I got to do quite a bit of video. My batteries died in my good video camera, but I had a backup that took the rest. I didn't get a chance to video the Buick vs. Buick races before the shootout began, but I got most of the runs against the Fords. Some with a good camera, some with a not so good camera, but you can see the ETs at the end of the track.

Phil, thanks for the shoutout. My brother brought a trailer down late Friday night. I hadn't tested the car yet at the local track, so I wasn't sure it would make a clean pass, but I knew it would make the drive to Noble. We put it on the trailer on Saturday and towed it home on Sunday.

The pass I made on Friday night (first one) and with the wastegate all the way out, I redlit, lagged it off the line for a 2.3 60', ran it out the back to a 13.0 @ 114 on about 15psi :eek:.

As I got to the traps, I apparently had a ujoint let go, the drive shaft came out of the bottom, I ran over it, and the car was done. I don't think it hurt anything but the drive shaft and one of the mufflers. I was pretty upset about another spell of bad luck, but I am confident the car has some 11's in it when I actually close the wastegate off and run it hard.

Congrats to all you guys that ran well. We really killed the Fords this year, and a big thanks to Jack, John, and some of you other long haulers. It was nice to meet those two, they are great guys with some insane cars.

I'll get to uploading these videos and post them when I do. Hopefully the shootout results will go up on okbuicks soon, so I can match the names of the drivers to the videos for easy lookup.

Had a great time, look forward to seeing you guys there again next year and not breaking!

Once again it was a great event!

Fought some new parts all morning but managed to get it back to a safe tune that'd make it down the track in the finals. Ran a 9.34@144 which was very nearly a carbon copy of my final run last year. lol. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you take a car to the track after a year layoff with no testing.

All in all though I am a proud member of team Buick and glad we got the W AS A TEAM. Thanks also to all the Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC and Olds members who came out and did some damage to the Fords. We appreciate all you guys comin out and helping Buick show them the "other" brands at GM are fully capable of getting it done too.
had an awesome weekend! the racing was some of the best pairings i've seen in years! i look forward to this event every year!! sign me up for next year!!
Good win for the Buick club and I had a lot of fun with good people as usual. Unfortunately my car was not dialed in and was running way too slow and I could not be a part of the final. I am trying to diagnose some problems and was just wondering if you guys could search your videos and see of you have any of my cars runs. It was a silver late model Trans Am running in the 13's(should run 11's). Thanks!

the car in this pic TRANS AM

obviously the car in the left lane
Congrats. Glad everyone had a great time. I ran a new PB as did many others.

It was so bad for us (Ford) that I had a buddy of mine that came to spectate enter to race his 91 5.0 auto, BONE STOCK. Clicked off some high 15's :D

Hope to see you guys again next year.
I know. We had about 10-12 cars that did not have Ford's to race and some of those drove several hundred miles to get to race a Ford.

Hope we both have larger and faster group of cars next year so we can have good head to head competition up and down the ladder.

Phil Engle
Did anyone order the DVD from the "professionals"? I have yet to receive mine in the mail...