North-West Alabama mechanic?


Dec 5, 2011
I am in need of a mechanic that is familiar with these cars in the North-West Alabama area. I know Chris Hogeland is who most will suggest but I have tried to call him dozens of times and have even been to his house 3 times. He will not return calls, texts, or messages on here. After lots of phone calls I finally got him to come put a cam sensor in several months ago and even paid him more than twice as much as he asked for. Even on that little job he stood me up 3 times before he showed up. I don't mean to bash his name and I know he is very good with these cars but for some reason he will not work on mine. I also know he is VERY busy and I completely understand if he does not have time to work on mine, I just wish he would tell me if that is the case. I have also contacted Dusty Bradford on here and he told me he doesn't have time. So, other than these 2, are there any good TR mechanics in my area?
What do you need done? Might contact Alan Minga and see if he's interested. Lane Culver is in N. Central AL. Is the car driveable?
The car is not drivable right now. It does run but not good. I just need someone to help me get it running good and I'm not really sure what exactly that's going to take