NOS Bumper Fillers...


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Jul 12, 2003
...Who has'em in stock ready to ship and who has the best price... just mocked up the after market ones i had in the garage and NOT impressed.... lmk.... fast


ps need'em this week - like in a couple of days if possible...
Fronts, rears or both? :)

As for fronts Nos4GN has them and I am sure Brian @ Gbody parts has them as well. Rears is another story...

One side was discontinued (can't remember which one).. I dont know anybody that stocks the rears. Brian had a 1 new set left last time I talked to him and a friend of mine picked them up.

What aftermarket ones do you have? I heard the Danko fiberglass ones are nice??? (never used them)

Thanx for the reply Rick. Just got a call from my brother [he IS a Autobody tech by trade] and he said we can get away with the fronts, he has to build up in some spots but they dont look nearly as bad as the backs... which is good news. The backs on the other hand were kinda short and did not follow some of the lines. - got'em from a vendor on the board. checked and he doesnt seem to sell'em any more. Just ABS flexible aftermarkets. I wonder how they fit. Kirban's and G-Body both sell those.
I plan to get a set of the Danko's in the next month or two, I will keep ya updated :)