NOS safely used


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Jan 20, 2004
I'm a first time GN owner, bought a fairly built car in late summer and am looking to add a few personal touches to it. I've owned several classic muscle cars and Corvettes (a C5 convert. being the latest). I'm wondering how safe is NOS use with this type of car, I've heard horror stories of head gasket damage etc.. I just bought NOS kit #5301 which comes as a 100hp system. I also ordered smaller jets ( nos37 & 22 fuel) to bring the it down to 50hp, for safety reasons. Should I have concerns even after reducing the hp? Any help would be great, Thanks.

Mods listed:

B & B stock block, .020 JE Forged pistons, 20 bolt girdle w/billet mains, heavily work GN1s w/Ferra valves, .560/.560 solid roller, 70mm TB, TE-45A 3-bolt, Charged Air System front mount, 3" DP and exhaust, two Turonetics Deltagate wastegates, #55 Seimens, DFI, SMC dual nozzle kit, Bosch and Waldo pumps, K & N 9" cone, HD Tranny from Perf. Trans in CA. Moser axles (33 Spline w/ full Spool)........

The best run the car was 10.28. The MPH is to faded to read.

I don't want to damage the motor before I have any time to enjoy it.
low 10's on your combo is really pretty good. i wouldnt' have any complaints personally.

nitrous is chemical superchargign, or bacically turbo in a bottle. the higher boost you run the higher chance of having knock. knock retards timming and slows you down. any knock at all will slow you down, some people say under 2* is fine, which it is still safe, but from what i've seen it will still slow you down. so the goal is 0 knock. adding nitrous is just like raising the boost. a 50hp setup is about the same as adding 5# of boost, thats quite a bit when you concider your probably running 25-30 # right now to get that kind of time.

if you can't get any more boost from your turbo and aren't getting any knock and are willing to risk hurting something then go for it, not that you will hurt anything, but its a posibility, the more power you make the greater that chance, just the way things are.

if i were doing it i would run 75hp on a hobbs switch to shut off at 10# of boost to help with the launch, but at your speeds i'm guessing you have a tranny brake and are launching at a pretty high boost anyways.

i'm sure more people here will have their oppinions to share.
Thank you! But what is a hobbs switch? I know what a hobbs meter is (hrs run). Where can I get one.

a hobbs switch is a pressure activated switch, you can get them at napa for $8 i think, but don't quote me on that. some are adjustable some aren't, spend the extra $ to get an adjustable one. something in the range of 10-15 psi is about what your going to want.