Not sure if it counts as a kill, but...


" Nice Monte Carlo"
I had to run to the bank last Saturday am. It was a beautiful morning so I took the GN. I pull out of my neighborhood and catch the first light I came to. I look up in the mirror and a new camaro SS rolls up along side of me and keeps his fender at my door, so I can't really get a look at the driver. The light changed to green and I see the nose pop up and hear his motor rev up.. He comes up along side of me and grins.. So.. I start rolling into it. My car has a 71mm so it takes a couple seconds to get any kind of boost, so by this time he is at the end of my nose. Just about then I whack it.... He hears the turbo and looks back as I go by and I just grin at him and put about 5 on him real quick.. He lifted and stayed back there till he turned into a subdivision. It made me
I kinda figured since I wasn't out of second and was already driving away from him, it was more of an "enlightening moment" on his Thanks guys

Good job! What stall are you running to spool that baby??

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