Notice the shrinking vendor list!

I just joined the facebook thing about a month ago so I don't miss out on anything mainly parts and I am on there just for Buick groups not into the whole facebook thing don't care for it , but I don't understand what your getting at with you saying you observed this and joined in 2018 ??? are you saying I realized the idiots on facebook and joined here to get real knowledge or what ?
thank you Jerry I do love learning and reading on this great site , I have been a lurker on here for years but didn't feel right joining until I had a car and something to talk about , BTW learned a good bit from your threads thx
no disrespect to many of our great members on facebook just talking about the general public on there that just buy a car and have no clue of what they are doing and don't do their research but everyone is in need of help , but try to help yourself first !!! then ask for help and you will only learn from your mistakes