November Gateway **** Events

It might just happen that my GN is running when there is a meeting. As long as the weather is nice I will be there for the meeting.
I got it back about three weeks ago now I think. I meant if it is still running I will be there. The car seems only to last about 6 weeks between engien failures. I am not very lucky.
I believe the place opens at 9:00 a.m. I am going to get there a little early.

Here's more info:

Gateway **** members plan to meet for some dyno time
Come see what kind of power your car really makes!
Saturday, November 5th - the rollers open at 9am The time has come. Put up, or shut up. $50/car Bring cash. Please RSVP to Scott Keller @ and indicate whether you'd prefer morning or afternoon so a rough schedule can be hashed out. 2140 Old Hwy 94 South St. Charles, MO 63303 (636) 949-2275 We have a date with the rollers at Stiegemeiers Engine Air Flow in St. Charles. We have their dyno rented for the day, and each member that puts down $50 has a chance to put up or shut up and show what their car really has. Talk is cheap, but the rollers don't lie. Too chicken to get your car on the track? Fine...put it on the rollers and let's see what she'll do. Maybe I'll bring a video camera and get it all down for posterity.

Next meeting - Sunday, November 13th @ 1:30p
You know the spot. Come to the semi-monthly Gateway **** meeting at Mike's on November 13th @ 1:30p. This meeting will be a swapfest. Bring all your goodies that are not feeling respected, and set them free to another Buick nut. Bring cash, too! That way you can buy someone elses gently used pieces.

Gateway ****
Jeff Franz

Scott Keller