NW Arkansas newb with an addiction that ironically came from the D.A.R.E. Program in grade school


Hello y'all my name is Brian and I'm from Siloam Springs Arkansas. I recently purchased my Absolute dream car. 1987 Buick Grand National. The want for this amazing machine started out when I was in 3rd grade where they taught kids to keep off drugs by using the D.A.R.E. Program. Our program had police officers that came to the schools in confiscated cars from drug dealers. It just so happened that ours was a mid 80's Grand National (turbine wheels). And I remember at such a young age people talking about how awesome this piece of machinery was.. Like some sort of black super hero car..

I'm 32 now and I came across an 87 with 67k miles.. Interior is like a time capsule. Few upgrades with room to grow.. Paint isn't perfect and someone painted the wheels black along with the turn signals.. I traded a fully restored 81 Camaro and a nice Monte Carlo SS for the GN.

At this time my mother had been battling stage 4 stomach and ovarian cancer. She lost the battle august 5th 2014. And this car has helped and is continuing to help me with dealing with the loss and 2 years of constant heartache with ups and downs that stem from cancer issues..

Where I'm at now:

The previous owner bought the car for his son and he lost interest in it so I didn't get drove much.. The check engine light came on so they pulled the fuse.. Which is also the other dummy lights. Long story short the oil pump failed and a cam had went flat.. So he told me if I bought the parts he'd pay to have it fixed..


1972 Chevelle 505
1972 dart swinger 340 4speed
1966 impala
1955 chevy pickup MickeyRat
2002 monte ss DD

1987 Grand National
Stock turbo ,Red 93 street tune chip, 206/206 comp cam, valve spring upgrade, Melling hv oil pump
37lb injectors, Ls1 maf with translator, Oil filter adapter upgrade
K&N filter

Sitting at home not installed yet:
AlkyControl "Razor" injection with 3 bar map, Hot wire kit, walbor pump upgrade, RJC Racing Airflow Distribution Power Plate

15x9 4.25 bs weld prostars 275/60
15x7 weld prostar
Welcome to the best Buick site out there. Im very sorry to hear about your loss. Be sure to check the southwest section under the forums list so you can hook up with members in your area. Again Im very sorry for your loss.
Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Lots of good people and great info here. Let us know what you need to get it running like it should. If you don't know what that is, check the "Kill section" to understand what these things are capable of. ;)

Congrats on a great looking car. Once again, welcome to the site and happy spooling.:)

Mike Barnard
Looks like you scored a good one there! Welcome. I lost my Mom the same way last December right after Christmas. Sorry about your Mom but hang in there.
Sorry for your loss bud, I'm here In central Arkansas, there is a group of us around little rock that get together at least once a month. 5 or 6 of us are headed to the ford buick shootout with our cars the second week of October. Other than that a few of us run our cars at centerville. PM me and we can exchange phone numbers so we can keep you posted of things going on. Welcome aboard!

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