Octane Booster - Xylene Questions

Question, Have any of these products ever damaged the oxygen sensors?

I've never had an O2 issue in the years I've been using it. It'll turn it orange with everything else, but function has not been affected.
Until the pump fails and you're out an engine.
you can say the same thing about any mechanical peice in the car.never had one straight up fail and i have been spraying alky/meth a very long time.i have seen more fuel pumps fail and they fail straight up,the alky ones leak first so it will drop pressure gradually,which can been seen with a gauge.
these in tank adders do work,but i would caution guys with getting to aggressive with boost and timing as you dont know what octane is actually going into each cylinder.guys that know how to tune understand what i just wrote and guys who think they can just turn up the boost can hurt something.