off-idle bog w/ speedpro


Jun 4, 2001
During normal driving, the engine will bog a bit when leaving from a stop.

For example, if I'm pulling away from a stoplight (regular driving- not a WOT launch or anything), the engine will rev up to speed and pull the car, then bog for a second, then recover and start pulling again.

I can duplicate the problem when in neutral as well. Normal TPS at idle is 5%. If I hit the throttle and bring the TPS up to about 15%, the engine will surge up to about 2200 RPM, then bog to about 1100 RPM for a second, then recover to 2200 RPM again and maintain.

Is there a setting that can adjust this? I'm thinking something like AE or AE decay.


-Bob Cunningham

Sounds like A/E Fuel VS TPS or A/E Fuel VS Map Rate of change
Am I barking up the right Tree Craig/Lance...?

PS.. See you all at 8AM on the 19th.. :D

Still planning on the event right....
Tried AE decay ? Either that or not a big enough shot of that bottle :D . Nice numbers you put up.
Well I'm not entirely sure that AE decay is the right setting. If I add enough decay that it is still enrichening for 1.5 seconds, that's gonna mess up the O2 sensor reading. Besides, I don't have a good feel for what the numbers mean- is that decay is milliseconds? seconds? is it a linear drop off? A logarithmic decay? A parabolic decay? Just don't understand about the parameter to make an adjustment.