Oil Filter Fun

Rubicon 327

Protected by Attack Cat
Sep 12, 2008
Hope the picture attaches......this is the first time attaching pictures for me.:eek:

How hard have you had to work to get your filter off?

Friday night I figure I will give the ole girl an oil change and go for a little cruise:cool: ,needless to say this turned into a Saturday morning project.:mad: I tried the screwdriver through the filter and that didn't work,:frown: I had to resort to cutting notches in it by the neck and using a foot and a half long piece of black pipe with an angle cut on it as a chisel.

The previous dealership/owner did the last oil change and had a gorilla install the filter apparently.

Anyone else have this kind of fun?
I'm had this happen more times than I care to remember. I have a special tool just for this. It fits on a rachet and has 2 very big claws on it and will crush the filter before it lets go. Most of the oil change idiots overtighten it and if you look at the o ring it is crushed and malformed.
Sometimes its confusing when your upside down on your back...

Lefty loosy, righty tighty :D
OMG....LOL. Sorry you did it to yourself but I have to laugh. lol Just remember next time, no more than 1 turn after the filter contacts and you're good. Thanks, I needed that.