Oil Leak


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Oct 6, 2003
Merry Christmas...... Now why is it when I fix one oil leak on my Buick another one shows its ugly face?????? I just fixed my intake manifold end seals and now I have another leak somewhere..:mad: Does anybody out there own a turbo buick that doesn't leak oil???? If so tell me how to make mine quit leaking.....Actually my original engine didn't leak a drop...Then I rebuilt it and it leaks worse than ever now......

Is there some voodoo science behind getting these damn motors to quit leaking??????:confused:
If it doesn't leak oil......

then it doesn't have any!

I hear you. I think mine leaks at every possible location.
Oil leaks were my main peeve when I built this engine. I spent a bunch of time chasing and sealing them. I have absolutely NO spots under the engine after being together for a year now. You CAN do it if you persevere! (note: I'd rather pull the dash again than chase oil leaks!)
I'm leaking from the oil pan after 2 gaskets, Cork and Rubber.

Any suggestions on best way to do this????

I don't think i over tightened.
I'm not sure. But when you find how to seal your leaks let me know!!!!!!!!:D I've used 2 rubber oil pan gaskets so far and it seems to be leaking yet....:mad:
Two words - cork & torque!

No bull, use a cork gasket with only enough sealer to 'stick' the gasket to the pan. Check the bolts holes in the pan for dimpling from over-tightening. Let it cure before placing the pan so the gasket doesn't slip (no problem if the engine is out). Use a torque wrench to pull down the bolts in 2 steps to 88 in/lbs. Once all bolts are at 88 in/lbs, go around several more times until none can be turned. Long and drawn out, but proven to work!
I use the spray tack cement on the cork gasket and a little lock tight on the bolts. Then a few times around on the pan bolts as when you tighten them the ones you started with are loose again.

Then get out the welder and weld the pan to the block :D
At this point I might just weld the pan to block.....:mad:

But my luck it will start leaking somewhere else:D
The design of our 3.8's is archaic. Yeah, you can play around, and you might get lucky, but these motors just have lousy sealing surfaces. God, if the car can't keep head gaskets (8 bolts - WTF was GM thinking), what makes you think it's going to keep oil???

Oil leaks

Besides oil pans leaking have had oil leaks from rear mains,valve covers oil comming down the rear of the engine and hair line cracks in timing covers usually near the driver side doll pin. Or clean the engine and some auto parts stores sell a leak detection kit. It's usually a dye oil friendly and a black light. Run it and trace the leak back to its source.

I'm sorry but I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

My doesn't leak anything...seriously, with the exception of one teensy weensy drip on my remote oil filter hose.

And it has had the heads off once (not by me), but it's a 73,xxx mile car.
Last summer, I replaced my timing chain, water pump, replaced the valve cover gaskets and added an oil booster plate. So far, I have no leaks (except for the damn turbosaver!!) Whats the trick? Take your time when reasembling the parts! Ahh the joy of scraping off every little F*@#*!% piece of old gaskets! Then I put on a thin layer of sealer, then the gasket and torqed the bolts to specs. It took Zam70 and I two full days to replace the timing chain. We took our time and paied attention to detail. So far it has realy paid off.


P.S. I would like to give a shout out to my man Zam70! Thanks for your help!
When I got my GN it pissed oil from everywhere. I mean, I think it was seeping out of the freeze plugs. ;) Anyway, I replaced all the seals and gaskets and the timing cover and now it only "seeps" from the valve covers. When you do the pan gasket do like S10xGN said and whatever you do make sure your mating surfaces are clean and DRY. No matter how good the gasket it will leak due to capillary action if it has oil on the sealing surfaces when you put it together. Especialy rubber ones.
I have recently rebuilt my engine and it to leaks oil. With only 1400 miles on the motor I do not anticipant ever resolving the problem. I will attempt to stop the current oil leak but like everyone here who owns a TR…you fix one oil leak and then another appears. I have come to the realization that all TR engines came with a factor option oil leaks.