Oil life and winter storage


The leaves are falling and living in Philadelphia thoughts turn to putting the car away for several months. Considering this earlier this year, I checked my oil change frequency and was surprised it had been seven years since the last change. I only drive about 100-150 miles per year, use red line oil and a K&N filter so I didn't even think about it. So I put a post on www.bobistheoilguy.com. They jumped all over me saying....1. Oil should be changed every year regardless of the mileage 2. If you decide to change every 2 years have a used oil analysis conducted. 3. Because I occasionally idle the engine to warm it up, they advised against it unless I run the car at least 25 minutes to warm up the oil to prevent condensate. I called the engineering staff at Red Line Oil to confirm that the ZDDP concentration is sufficient for my engine, determine if the oil is date coded and determine the life of additives. He agreed with the above recommendations saying I should change the oil annually every year, that it contains sufficient ZDDP, that their product is not date coded. A friend's father worked on the development of Mobile 1 and he said additive life is important. The gentleman at Red Line Oil did not mention additive life but if they do not date code, could it be significant? I think a used oil analysis is only about $25 so maybe I will go that route next year if I can figure out how to interpret the results. What do you do?
Change the oil prior to winter storage.

There are some contaminates that have acid like qualities. Do you really want that process taking place all winter long?
Seriously?? Penny wise and pound foolish is no way to treat a GNX. I have documented proof that the second owner of my car changed it spring and fall every year he owned it. I change it every fall before putting her away. Change the oil, man.
I was taking mine to a dealer every fall for oil and lube. Until a couple years ago I found it was over filled by a half quart or so. Now, even though it really hurts my body, I change it myself. Every fall before putting it to sleep.
Sir.... you have got to change that oil twice a year in that GNX for all reasons mention above. I change my oil twice year but I go to
my local Valvoline quick oil change. I got a pretty good deal as well $30.00 for the oil change but I supply the oil filter and the ZDDP.
Also that includes lubing all grease fitting. I still used 10/30 conventional oil . So between the oil ,filter and ZDDP and there labor.
About $100.00 bucks in 2 oil change . $100.00 well spent !!