oil pan gasket help

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
Jul 10, 2002
finally puting the motor back together after a front cover issue, and I'm chaning out the oil pan gasket as well. I have a Cometic pan gasket, I'm asking if I should install this dry or with sealant?

Anyone have any other tricks to make sure I only have to do this once? Can I install the pan with the pickup screen on the block or will I have to get the pan somewhat in place and then install the pickup screen through a very tight gap?
If everything is nice and flat & clean, Dry, if you think more then 2mins about it, Add some RTV but don't go crazy with it.
Hey Tom,
Just don't put any oil in it and you will NOT have ANY leaks !!!!!!
Sorry just had to be a smart azz but really with all cleaned GOOD I prefer dry.