oil pan gasket #?



Hi I cant get my hands on a felpro 1800 till 7-10 days so what else is good to use on my S2 on center that is readily available.part #'s please.Thanks Steve

I/m pretty sure the on center and off center would use the same gasket, as they use the same 14 bolt pan. If so, go to Autozone and get their pan gasket for an 84 Gn which had a 14 bolt pan. They have 2 brands, Felpro and I believe the other is National or something like that. I bought the latter recently which I like because it is a nice thick cork gasket.
thanks I tried that combo today but that gasket didnt look like it was gonna fit.

Hey,I have got to agree with Lee. I am using a standard 14 bolt,cork gasket on my oncenter block.
Maybe the holes,in places are slightly opened up,but it is a basic fit.
How is yours not fitting? Is the 1800 Felpro a gasket for the on center blocks?

Austin Kendall
on the one side there is an offset where the gasket angles after the 2nd bolt hole on the 84 gn 14 bolt gasket its after the 3rd hole.anyway i ordered a felpro 1800.Thanks Steve