oil pump problems

butternut Ttype

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Aug 27, 2006
went to prime oil pump and it would not pick up spun it with a drill for about 10 sec and nothing I was told to pack the oil pump with vasoline and that would do it is this true any info would be great thanks
absolutely correct. Another trick I have used is to overfill the oil pan and then prime. The oil level will be high enough to cause a vacuum on the inlet side.

Good luck
oil pump prob

or just take your oil cooler line off and fill it with oil, reinstall into radiator and prime the pump. try it, it works.

their is also another way, many do work. Fill the filter with oil, put pie tin under filter, install, remove pressure bypass bolt, spring, regulator plug, install hose to funnel install, put hose into housing, add some oil, 1/4-1/2 cup, reinstall in reverse order, prime and done. A way of not having to pull the shutter Assy. Get a small grease gun, fill with vasaline, install hose in filter nipple, pump, install oiled filter, start. done
IDK about SBC but on a SII 3800 you can remove the check valve from a oil filter, fill it will oil (install it), put a barbed fitting in the oil pressure sensor port with a hose and funnel on it, fill with oil and turn the engine over backwards(by hand, i used a flexplate wrench)... put a quart and a half thru that way then after i did that i put on a good oil filter and used one of those pressure cans to pump up the lifters. sucks for us because our pump is driven off the crank and not the cam, there is no way to prime it with a drill.