Oil pump wear plate


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Jun 6, 2009

I just bought one of the TA Performance oil pump wear plates.

The plate has a short slot milled in it. Is this supposed to be on the gear side, or the cover side?

Also, the gasket between the plate and the front cover is 0.006 thick. Is this okay, or do I need a thicker gasket? And, if so, where do I get one?

I have some oil pump gaskets from the V8 front rebuild kit (from my old 455 days). Would this gasket work? It is about 0.008 thick.

I know that measuring the endplay is quite critical on these so it would be nice to have a thicker gasket.

Thanks in advance.

Slot goes on the gear side to lube the thrust surface. You need a gasket thick enough for a clearance of .0005"-.0015" thrust between the gears and the plate. TA sells a shim kit with maylar gaskets that range from .0005" to ..010" thick (going off of memory here) The tighter the better. Take the time to port/radius all the oil passages while you have it off. I try to get clearances of less than a thousandths of an inch.
Thanks for the info.

The annoying thing is a bought the TA wear plate kit and didn't realise that they did the shim kit ... :mad: