One man's junk is another man's treasure


Yo Baby Daddy
Oct 1, 2007
I have been trying to match the original GNX turbo cover coating for a member. Not as easy as it sounds.

So I bought several of these to trial on.

I bought these from a board member at reasonable $.
These are the same parts....:biggrin:


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Several people ask.

Strip the old coating off.
Sandblast with alum. oxide 30psi.
The material is "Cermachrome"
Bake at 5oo deg. F. for at least 1hr. (metal temp)
Must be vibratory polished for this look.

You can hand polish w 000 steel wool for a silver look.
That's purty...any way a poor man can do that with instructions from the how to forum:biggrin: ?
Sure. The only part that you can not do is vibratory polish.
Unless of course you have one.
the vibratory polish, would a normal plating shop have this?

Can't wait to see this in the how-to section!
Probably not.

For that chrome look you need ceramic media (little round ceramic balls):biggrin: and a soap/polish.

But you can do the silver look at home.
Just looking through some old threads and thought some body may be curious on what you can do with junk.......:biggrin:
Looks great however a bit shiny compared to the original GNX turbo shield.

Want a short cut? Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy Silver BBQ paint.

This is how Joe painted the reproduction shields and it is a darn good match!
Well it ended up a little like this........;)


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