one of my favorite ricer stories so far- this is GOOD!

Tim Riecks 6

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May 24, 2001
A while back I was cruising the ave. looking for something to play around with. My friend and my brother were with me. We came upon a group of ricers heading up the ave toward the downtown area. I ended up getting behind a couple of them. They were pimping each other pretty good and I wished I was up there to lay the proverbial smack down. But I had a little fun of my own because there was one that was next to me pimping me. I pimped him right back and man did it sound sweet to hear the turbo spool and then unload again and again. You could even hear it over his fartcan. It was great.
As we all turned off to follow the main drag to the downtown area there were three of the ricers that got next to each other (three lane road). They came to the set of lights which at this time was flashing red because of the time at night. The weedwhackers were revved up and the clutches were dumped and they were away! I knew what they were going to do so I spooled ahead of time as soon as I heard them revving. When they launched I waited a split second before I launched. I still had to get on the brakes! I bet the ricer I was behind just about dropped a load when he saw my lights coming up so fast in his rearview! If only there would have been another lane and I could have lined up with these boys! Oh well- I would have a taste of this soon enough.
Fast forward to a few weeks later. I was making the same rounds looking for some fun. I came across my brother and he ended up hopping in and cruising with me. It sucked because we couldn't find anything.
Just when we were about to give up and call it a night I saw some of the ricers pulling out of their local hangout.
I pulled in to a parking lot and just waited there. Some went south and the others went north. I figured I'd go after the northbound ones so I waited 'til they went by and pulled out after them.
The usual pimping went on and then came the turn to head downtown. I was hoping that I'd get to line up with them this time. There were four of them this time and I was in the far left lane.
And then it happened- the ricer that was ahead of me in my lane moved into the center lane behind the one that was in the center lane. He opened up the lane for me! I just about $h*t!
I took my spot in the far left lane and rolled up to the light with the two ricers beside me in the other lanes.
They started revving getting ready to launch. I spooled 'er up and got ready. I got a little overzealous with the boost buildup because when we all launched I spun all the way across the intersection and through most of first gear. It didn't matter though because I pulled on all of 'em like crazy anyway. When she did hook up it was even worse.
I bet the guy that was in the lane next to me was just about dropping a load because of the awesome spectacle. I wish I could have seen it from another car- I bet it was just nuts! I REALLY wish I would have thought to turn on the camcorder- especially because of what happened next.
I let off just about as soon as I got into second gear. I slowed down to the posted 25MPH, and good thing I did. I looked in my rearview and saw the blue and red. First thing that went through my mind was "Oh $hit!".
I kept going and was planning to turn left onto the one way that was ahead figuring I was going to get pulled over.
As I was nearing the turn the cop got in the middle lane and flew by me. He pulled over one of the ricers!!!
This was too good to be true I thought as I got the hell out of there. Needless to say I went and put the car away right away. I wondered what became of the whole thing.
Now flash ahead a couple more weeks. I was talking to a friend of mine from Stevens Point. A guy down there recently picked up a GN for somebody and was driving it pretty much to get any bugs worked out I guess you could say. This guy along with some other people who race down in Point came up to Wausau. The guy had brought the GN. My friend told me that when the ricers saw the GN pull up one of them said, "Hey- that's the guy that did the burnout and my buddy got nailed for it!"
I laughed so hard when he told me that. I just can't believe that a cop would think that one of them could do a burnout that massive. I mean, it was nuts. Cool as hell but I wasn't trying to do it!
So, either the cop actually thought one of the ricers did it, or he didn't know who did it but saw my car amongst all the ricers and figured it had to be them because they are always screwing around like that, or maybe he saw my car with all the ricers and just plain hates rice! The fact that I was in the far left lane undoubtedly helped I'm sure, seeing as he pulled out from a street to the right.
Needless to say, my car is definitely known now amongst the ricer crowd around here. And from the display of power I'd say it's probably well respected. If they didn't know what a Grand National was before or what they can do, they know now!
Happy Holidays!