Original Paint Question


I have an original paint '86 GN. Did the factory use basecoat and clear or is it single stage? It's in really great shape with only a few very minor surface scratches. I tired using a gentle polish to remove them and it does nothing, as if the paint is rock hard. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Yep. Good old fashioned lacquer. You can confirm by checking the cowl tag on the firewall/cowl area. Here's an example from an 84 GN. Notice the word lacquer embossed into it. If it was base coat/clear coat you would see BC/CC embossed on it and it would also have it on the SPID label.


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My car also has original paint. Can anything be done to improve it? I used claybar/wax and it looks good but I was wondering if a professional could wet sand and buff it?