Owned or driven from the past worth $$$$ today - Kirban

well being in the Auto Body repair business for over 25 years and dealing with a number of restoration shops in NJ... Hibernia Auto Restorations...The Stone Barn and a few others Had the pleasure of driving a few high $$$ cars my favorite being 250 GT Spider California SWB Ferrari.... also sat in and started Dusenberg's and a Chrysler Boat tail speedster that I was involved in actually matching the paint for a restoration and it won 1st in Pebble Beach...even have the Magazine Article that was signed by the owner thanking me for the work I did....Been involved in quite a few Restoration projects even a Rolls Royce Silver Phantom.....Carol Shelby even had one of his cars restored at Hibernia and I was involved with that...even if it was just suppling the paint materials...but I did get to sit in the Shelby Mustang....
Might be close, in 1970 bought a 1969 Road Runner Conv. 383, black bench seat
4spd car red with black top, road wheels,ex. tips and air grabber hood, had
18K miles for 2200.00$, who wudda thought today!!

Nothing I have owned is worth huge money, but I have driven a couple of late model Supras which sell for about the price they were new.
I don't think my 1965 tripowered GTO could hit the 100k mark.
Maybe 20-30k in todays market.

I did look at & pass up a lot that might get there.

One was a daytona charger. I thought the big White wing was GAY. that has 100k written all over it.

Another one was a Scrambler rambler that was turn into a race car not sure that would be 100k. Prolly a 30k car today

The last one was a 69 Shelby GT350 hardtop. My dad would not let me spend the 2250- price tag back in 1976. I only think that car today would be 30 to 40k??
kirban 2 cents worth

Interesting list of what members have had or had a chance to drive. Mopars seem to be very popular. I owned a number of them over the years and I can remember you could call a number and they would send you a written letter back as to how many they made of your particular car. They did this free. This was probably back around 1975-77. Before Mercedes owned it.

I can remember some Chrysler dealers/Dodge having the Wing cars left over on their lots after the model year. Like someone mentioned above. May have been ugly but boy ugly has its price.

Someone has guessed the car I was referring to in my opening statement. Car was a 1957 BMW 507. If you research it that car in BMW circles is their Holy Grail.
Even in the latest CPI book that car is worth $400,000 in #2 condition. Elvis had one when he served during that time period in Germany.

As for the comment above about the late model Supra kid that worked for me has one....Toyota did their homework with that car....'

Someone mentioned a Gillwing...strangely enough years ago the junk yard I dealt with (1970s) the owner had one. His wife hated the way the doors opened so he sold it. Member when they were called junk yards?

Heck to us kids they were the rich guys....afterall, none of them dealt with credit cards....all cash and carry....

Be a tough call to predict what current crop of cars (plus here is not many) will be on the wish list for the future.



Sorry no prizes.
Yup, Mopar's. My original love.

'69 Coronet R/T conv. 4sp.,Dana,turq/wht/blk stripe and top.stupid stupid stupid.
'69 Charger Hemi--D'oh!
'69 Daytona--coulda shoulda woulda, $50K
'70 Superchicken--Almost @ $5K
'70 AAR 'Cuda--Rust free plum crazy, white top/int.,AM 8-track, can't explain not spending the $800???

Forgot the '63 Lightweight Plymouth I looked at and thought 'no way' @ $6,500 !!! aaaaaah...
kirban 2 cents worth

Back during the 70s gas crisis was when I was buying GTOs and Mopars. I really liked the 1967 GTX body style. Classy model based on that body. I had a total of 4 over a time period, 3 with the 440 and one with the Hemi. With such poor gas it was impossible to get the Hemi to run rite.

Side note: we had made for Year One years ago, the 1970 style 15 by 7 Mopar wheels the ones with all the little windows around the edge. Same company made for us in the early 1990s the kirban style GNX wheels.

I had a AAR Cuda as well was that ugly pale green. I thought prices back then I was getting were moon shots....

Great memories



Keep them coming.....
1967 Hemi GTX - Black on black auto with dog dish hubcaps. Bought in 1976 with 27,000 mile for $1,800
One for Dennis 1966 GTO Convert Blue with white top black interior, 4 speed, tripower bought in 1975 for $400
70 Chevelle SS454 LS6 Auto
69 Camaro SS - 396
Almost in my hand -
The Silver Bullet - A gentleman I know owned this car along with many other exreamely rare Mopars, lightwieghts, hemi's, 2 altered wheelbase cars and much more. I mentioned to him if he knew where the Bullet might be, he of course said "yes, in my garage, but it needs a full restoration it is a little rough" during the process of making a deal with him someone else offered him crazy money, he offered me the car if I would match the offer but could not, even at that price it would have been a good buy today The Real “Silver Bullet” Hemi - 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise MyRideisMe.com Weblog
Someday- I know where Buddy Ingersoll's Regal is, I sure would like to restore it when I get some motivation and $
kirbans 2 cents worth

One of the 1967 GTX I had a 440 was black on black and a convertible. You definately had a lot more choices in that time period than is available now. GTOs was my strong suit sold over 40 of them back in the day which got me started in that business.

I was never much of a Chevy person I guess because everyone else was. The 396 Camaro can't lose on anything big block.



Great history folks keep them coming.
Had a 68 Z28 Camaro, marina blue w/white stripes, m22 rock crusher trans, 4.10 gears, deluxe interior with console guages and wood steering wheel, spoilers, should of kept that one:eek: ...............

At least I still have my 69 1/2 Roadrunner 440 six barrel hardtop- one of 422 hardtop 4-speed cars! :biggrin:
I drove a '57 Bel-Air 2-dr post in high school, my brother still owns it. Had a '69 Chevelle SS 396, 3-spd, bench seat car. I still have my '68 Camaro SS 396, 4-spd, Deluxe interior vinyl top car and a '66 A-code Mustang GT sedan with a/c. Not 6 figure cars yet but maybe one day.
" Hell all the cars i had pior to 1995 wouldn't add up to $100,000. "

I can sympathize with ya. ;) :biggrin:

I did have a GS400 I paid $400 for. :cool:

And a 1970 Olds Cutlass for $240.

A couple of Olds. wagons one free one $200. :smile:

They all lasted about 25 years total and each had over 100K when I got them.

Total value under $50K for sure.

Then again they'd all give that overpriced Beemer a run for it's money in the quarter mile for sure. :biggrin:
kirban 2 cents worth

Who would have guessed even 5-10 years ago they would be making complete Camaro bodies, as well as some of the others models.

As for Bimmers (BMW) while that was true several years ago, the newest breed of M3 and M5s are no slouch. Granted price wise one would want to avoid the new car sting.

Carroll Shelby certainily has made his mark and that is probably what keeps him young! Don Garlits our ZDDPlus spokesman clocked his best time at age 71 at over 320 mph several years ago.



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