Pacific Raceway Update


Jan 24, 2004
I was in the Auburn area yesterday and drove up to the track to see whats up. I found one of the head construction people and talked to him for about 15 minutes. I didn't get his name but he was very nice and told me what was going on.

The track is not moved. They put new gravel , dirt, and he said tons of rebar in the foundation. There will be 800 to 1000 feet of concrete now. They hope to pour the concrete this weekend, but who knows. It needs 21 days to cure, so you can see it will be tough for the track to open before sometime in April, but lets hope its by the end of March.

He said they used a laser sighting system to get the track level to within a 1/4" all the way down! He said when it is done it should be one of the best tracks in the country.

The road course is being used now with the straightaway being the return road. It will stay that way. The quarter mile is totally seperate from the road course. They are also putting in a new go-kart track somewhere on the property. They have built new restrooms with showers, and have made other improvements, so it appears they are going in the right direction.

I asked him about the city of Kent stopping them from turning the track around and he said it had more to do with cost than permission. He said maybe in three or four years they will take a look at that again.

Sorry, I forgot to ask if they were going to pave the pits, so I don't know. Thats about all I know. Hope thats useful to people.

Did he say anything about the bump in the left lane?
I was figuring it was in the area right around where the new concreate will join up w/the blacktop

Great job with the update! Very interesting info. It would be great to finally have a top notch drag strip. It should significantly help my ET's by appx 0.00000001 due to poor piloting skills:D

Now if they can improve the track day operations to enable us to run more than once every 3 hours :rolleyes:
The bump, as I understand it, was at about the 1/8 mile, so the concrete going 800 to 1000 feet should take care of this. When I asked him about it he mentioned the fact that there is a creek that goes under the track at the 1/8 mile. He didn't say what that meant except that with all the rebar they are putting in, there shouldn't be any more problem. The biggest reason for repaving is because NHRA insisted they fix the bump.