Paging Ron Tarabori

Tony sy2356

New Member
Jun 26, 2001
Hey Ron, I think you were the guy that sold some stage parts to a freind of mine last year. He made mention that you also had some bowtie chev V6 stuff as well, or knew where to get some.

If this wasn't you I apologize for the waste of time.

Anyone else have bowtie stuff laying around?

I'm looking for ex ASA stuff, blocks cranks, heads, etc.

Thanks again

Bowtie stuff

Thats me. I just traded a complete 9 to 1 engine for a bunch of Buick stuff. It was a K-Tech complete with dry sump, ps pump, alternator etc. 3500. It was the last one I had but I know of several more available. I also have a small bunch of parts coming but will probably be after the first of the year before I get them. Ron
Thanks Ron, sorry to waste bandwidth in the forum, just wasn't sure how to get ahold of you.

If you could keep an eye peeled that would be great.

We are looking for a bowtie block, heads and an evenfire crank.
Trouble is the evenfires are way way rare, apparently asa people only started using them during the last year of v6 rules.

Thanks again