Paint job question


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Ok my car needs a repaint and some bodywork due to rust and dents and scratches. It really isnt that bad but I would like to get all the rust fixed now so it just dosent spread. I got one quote from a local body shop that mainly handles classic cars and he said he would estimate 3500, thats with cutting out all the rust spots and welding metal in where appropriate. Thats not taking it down to bare metal though. Should I take it down to the metal? The guy said the paint isnt bad enough to really need to, now I also heard that with enamel paint you need to do so becuase it will bubble and such. The painter said he thinks the car has been painted before so maybe that wont be a problem.

Now the second part. My dads good friend who lives down the street also does body work for a living. I took it to him without telling him the previous quote. He also said he would cut out all the rust and also take off the rubber strips on the bumpers and smooth them out. Also without taking it down to the metal he quoted 1000 bucks, he said he took off some money becuase we were a friend. He would be doing the bodywork part in his garage and then have the car flatbedded to his shop to paint. Since we live so close he said he wants the car to be mint so I can tell people who did it and give him good referrals.

Now I know you guys are gonna say you get what you pay for but I would like an honest opinion of what you think I should do, remember I dont have an endless amount of money.