Pair Champion proted irons, $775 plus shipping


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I have a pair Champion irons I would like to sell. I bought these from a board member about 6 months ago and I took them to my engine builder to have them checked out and when he magged them both heads had a small crack in the valve spring area. I posted pics here on the board at the time and asked for advice and some experienced engine builders said that cracks in this area were fairly common and not a big deal and that they could be run as is as long as they pressure tested good. I went ahead and had the heads professional repaired just to be on the safe side and had them pressure tested. I also had the heads freshened up and they are ready to bolt on. They are set up for a roller cam. To sum it up they are a pair of CNC ported Champions irons with two small professional repairs. They are pressure tested and freshened and ready to go. $775 plus shipping. I will have pics soon of the heads before and after the reapirs.
Here are a couple of pics before the repair and and then after. The heads are fresh and ready to bolt on.