Pair of new 17X8 anodized black Billet Specialties Street lites


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Jun 1, 2001
I have a new pair of Billet Specialties anodized black Street Lites. The wheels are 17X8 with 5" backspace. One wheel is new in the box and the other is new but has been check fitted on the car but never run or used. These wheels sell for $357 a piece new, I will take $450 plus shipping for the pair.


I bought these wheels in a f body wheel package from a vendor on LS1tech for my 2000 Camaro SS but apparently the vendor did not own a tape measure because they do not have enough backspace for a 4th gen f body! I have not test fitted them on a Buick yet but I can give them a try if that would help.
I check fitted one of the wheels on a G body this morning and they fit fine with no issues. I did a little checking and a front GTA wheel which is very common on GN's is 16X8's with 4.75" backspace and the Billet Specialties are 17X8's with 5" backspace so they are very close. Typically a 17" tire will have less section width than a comparably sized 16" tire so these should work well on a turbo Buick.