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Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001
Here is some more stuff for sale
Gn rear bumper 100
Gn seats 100 pair. Faded need cleaning
Cs lower door panels 150
Gn seat belts 40
Pullstraps 15

Ss polished 3"maf pipe 40
Gn console armrest correct palex material 50


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Is the MAF pipe for a TA or a TE series?? Any scratches or dents? 1st on this pending answers.
Mad pipe is 3" and fits stck ta or the series 3"inlet turbos there is a mark on the back from the alt bolt but that's about norm with all of them can't be seen when on the car

Seats are complete no rips in fabric tracks included but don't know if the power still works buying as is hense the price
Bumper is in nice shape no rust holes in bumper has impact struts again complete take off