passed 3rd shot with no covertor


Aug 1, 2002
it took 3 shots and almost 3 hours but it passed with no covertor it just mist the first two times the car has to be really hot my car has a few bolt ons champion heads and manifold 70 mm td atr headers 3in exhaust atr cam and all the other goodies the chip is a kennebell pro chip set up for 40 lb injectors ;)
What kind of test? IM-240? I think your Champion heads have the EGR passages blocked. How well did you do on NOX with it like that? Congrats.
nys inspectionmy mechanic said the numbers were just below passing the first 2 times they are iron championracing heads manley values 110 psi springs wright out of the box all i did was use the stock rocker arms