Paul Giovanetti needs our help again

Turtle TR

boioing boioing boioing..
This Saturday Nov 22 we will need about 30 or so people to pull the wire from the et shack to about the first turn off so we can install our win lights on the top end. We have it on a roller but we need to feed it between the guard rail. We also have all the steel plates and bolts to repair the wooden bleachers we need to install about 45 plates and drill 5/16 holes and bolt together. If anyone could bring 1/2 inch wrenches and 1/2 sockets and ratchets along with cordless or electric drill we should be able to repair in about 2 to 3 hrs. We also need to install the new speakers and run the wiring for that also. Then next week we will be able to install the lights on the shut down area. If we meet about 8 A.M. we should be finished about 12.30 -1.00 oclock I would be very appreciative if we could get at least the same participation as we had 3 weeka ago at the painting of the track. Thanks PaulG
Hey Chris,

You can count me in too :D I'll be there.:)

Hmmmmmmmmmmm71RSZ28 do i see another Hot-Air TR huh huh huh i'm just soooooooooo lonely;) :D
As usual, the Buick guys had the most show-up to help out. Did anybody make it back down to watch the racing? Nobody is posting any info on the other boards about the outcome of the races.