PERFECT GN Sheet Metal !!


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Jan 25, 2002
Spokane, WA.
Hey guys, Mike Dopkins here, I'm in Spokane , WA.
I'm pretty much getting out of the Buicks and am unloading all my Buick stuff and I have a lot of it. Been collecting and dealing with these Turbo Buicks for 27 years. Am posting here so maybe guys in need of some of this sheet meatal can make the trip here to pick it up? I have some very nice fenders, GN deck lids ( no spoilers) two very good full power doors that each on them have a little damage on them. NO parts or wiring except the mirrors has been taken out of them. They are absolutely rust free and even have new outer dew sweeps on them. The door weather stripping is still very nice. The glass has been tinted.These doors are off my 40,000 mile show car I totaled in July. I also have the deck lid off this car and with a buff job could be put on as is. I also have another very good deck lid. I have a very good hood with no damage but needs repainted. I also have the hood off this car that has just been repainted, ( no damage , just had some bad scratches that happened in transporting the car out here and it is perfect. I didn't have it back on the car at the time of the wreck. I have two very good core supports. The right quarter panel is perfect as are the floor pans , they look brand new. Sorry no interior parts left. You can call me anytime at 1-509-443-5402
Thanks Mike