Photo caption contest

Looks like a line of low E/T's, right there!!

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Look at all those Monte Carlos!

When I picked up my car it had been napping for 8-9 years. So it was loaded up on the trailer and we hit the first place we could find for fuel. And low behold here comes some cat talking about man that's a bad ass Monte Carlo is that an SS? I wanted to knock him out (long story on me, SS and turbo Buick). So if ever I had a pet peeve that would be it!!

This is what he saw! So please tell me how he got there? Because I'll never know!

The only quote to be picked twice identically. Looks like an automatic win for Dialtone76 and myself Mike.:D

They aren't identical. His has an exclamation point and no smiley, yours has a period and a smiley. So the two add up to 1.5, which means 0.75 each, which means neither of you can compete.
I looked out my mirror and this is what I seen, a long line of Buicks, lookn' real mean. So to all you Buick owners, a tip of my hat, and these parting words, getcha some of that!
Old habits reappear
Fighting the fear of fear
Growing conspiracy
Everyone's after me
Frayed ends of sanity
Here them calling me
This is what the presidential motorcade would look like if Richard Clark or Dennis Kirban won the election :)
Well! I'm back from the Nats. I had a blast. I'm going to ask 87NATIONAL to pick his favorite this weekend. A Spoolfool T-shirt will be going out to someone on Monday.

Any last minute offerings?

Mike B.
Inside a "thought bubble", the first car says - I hope their powermasters are in good working order!

105 PSI

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A few more observations:

"What our TR brothers might look like on the other side of the pond" (I was looking at the pic and noticed that the steering wheels are all on the other side.)

"The definition of intimidation"

"No Fear? Really?"

"The Magnificent Seven" Finally, a remake done the right way!"