Photo caption contest


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Long time member here, 87NATIONAL, snapped this shot while on this weekend's South Western pizza cruise. See SW section for other shots and videos. This great shot was just too cool not to do something fun with. Whoever comes up with the best, funniest, cleverest, entertaining-est (not sure if that's a word), caption wins fame, glory, satisfaction.... Errrrr.

And a Spoolfool T-shirt.:D

Bring it on...


Mike B.
Contest ends when 87GRANDNATIONAL picks a winner. I'll say about two weeks. I'll be back from Richard Clark's event by then and can send out the T-shirt. :)

OK to post up multiple guesses.
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Somewhere in the back of that line is Santa in his sleigh.

Soon after last Christmas's crippling reindeer strike. :eek:
We're here to prove once and for all that Hellcats are pussy cats. Hope you don't mind if I brought some friends.