Pics of my GN


Contents Under Pressure
Oct 1, 2002
Man I love these cars!.





Nice rear sway bar :biggrin: ive got that, where did you get the maf pipe?

Very nice ride, tuck that red wire in with a screw driver, it will fall back in and i nobody will notice :p
That was my brother's car (Alex aka blackshoebox on here)... I believe you spoke with him today about the car... Has a lot of nice parts on it.. I hear you've already had some fun with it on the street:biggrin: It hooks pretty well with the HR bar and other goodies it has on the suspension..

Bryan, that 4" MAF pipe was bought from ESP Products..

I will miss that car we had a lot of fun with it! :(

Please take good care of it and enjoy :cool:
Yep I talked to him today and he is a nice guy..Many thanks for all the info on the car. It has found it's home for life. I have to get it off to Parkers for the cage to be put in it and a little more fine tuning then I will go and really try it out..

Tell him again that I said thanks for what he has done with this car....Allot of people cut corners and he did not!