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Jul 31, 2001
Congrats to Jeff.. proud new owner of a Honda :biggrin:

Guess the kit helped a little on the hot-lapping ;)

Here's his email... enjoy..

I won! the episode should air in Febuary it was crazy! Good pic for your site! Feel free to use my car in your advertising if you like. The car ran a 9.56 on this pass it has a 9.3 in it with a little more tuning. This is a good summary of the day at pinks This is a bunch of pics from the day.
So is that show for real? I heard that it is staged and they do not actualy give up their car.
Looks like a Demon launching Like HELL!!! I bet that launch set the world off its axis a bit. Speaking of which I did watch a few episodes and it doesnt seem like they really give up their car. Reason being is because some of those guys are like " Ahh crap that sucks, I have to give up my car shucks" When I know any of us with our buick would be up there losing our car and saying "Jesus Mother-****ing Christ :mad: you son of a bitch ass mother ****in bitch whore :eek: , You want my car bitch :eek: come tea bag :mad: these and fight me for my damn keys your :mad: ******* bitch ****er!" :mad: ....or that could just be mee

I don't know if it is true or not but I heard that you could give the loser the option of buying back his or her car for $1. But it is totaly up to the winner if this happens or not.
is that Jeff Creech's car, the tuner over at Carolina auto masters? hes pretty good with the ole chevy EFI small blocks :)
F'n aye--totally cool bro,thats a dream of mine to do that show but I have to get a cheaper car to run.---They should have known better than to run you.