Polished bar/plate style intercooler, 3" in/out, NEW


Jun 4, 2001
Brand new, never mounted polished bar and plate style intercooler. It has 3" inlet and outlet, 3.5" thick, great for a custom build.

Very high quality parts, high efficiency core, beautifully TIG welded, flow rated at over 1200 cfm with very low pressure drop, efficient to 800+ hp

$300 plus $20 shipping, paypal preferred. Will package VERY well for safetly.



I also have 4 layer, silicone hoses and stainless T-bolt clamps that can go with the intercooler. These are the highest quality I could find, and not cheap. I have over $160 in these hoses and clamps, included is a 3" 90*, a 2.5" to 3" transition, and five 3" couplers, all with T-bolts.......

I'll sell the intercooler above, and all hoses and clamps for $400 plus shipping.

I planned to use it on a Mustang project with a GN turbo........ but have since gone supercharged.

If measures out to fit nicely in a Mustang, so it would have to fit well in a buick.
Overall: 10..50" X 36.00" X 3.50"
Core: 10.50" X 26.00" X 3.50"
Inlet outlet size: 3
CFM rating, @.5psi pressure drop: 1032
CFM rating, @2psi pressure drop: 1207

Make offer for it all............... would like to sell.