Polygraphite bushings


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Jan 1, 2004
I know PST claims their polygraphite busings do not squeek, but I would like to hear from the guys ou there who actually have them in their cars. I was planning on rebuilding my front end with the PST kit and I have heard conflicting stories on them, some say they do squeek other say they don't. All of the feedback is greatly appreciated.
If you decide to purchase the bushings, check out our website. We are an authorized PST dealer and are currently running a sale - $285 for the Polygraphite Super Front End kit shipped to your door (PST sells it for $359).

Also, check out the "About Us" page for some detailed information about Polygraphite.
My 86 has had the PST poly kit on it going on 9 years now and it doesn't squeak as bad as when they were new. It doesn't squeak at all now. If you tighten the nuts on the uppers to tight than they will make noise from there. Just keep loosening them a half a turn until the binding and squeak is eliminated. I found some of the noise coming from the spring. If you dont position it properly in the lower arm than it has a habit of rotating causing it to squeak. One question for PowrPerformance. Can the PST kits be lubed? I have another brand of polys in the back and they came with some clear looking(silicon based?) lube. If they can do you know what type to use? I'm afraid to use anything on them for fear of a chemical reaction that might melt them if thats possible.
I bought a rubber front end kit from power performance. I didn't want to take any chances with noise.
Another thing to use is heavy duty anti seize on the pins and bushings. It has graphite and molybendiumdysulfite and a couple other lubes in it. I used it on mine and no squeaks. Loctite made it, thats how I know a couple of the ingrediants.
Tarey D.