Poor rear brakes


Aug 27, 2007
Is it possible that a power master can provide good front brake pressure but poor rear brake pressure? My 84 Regal race car has a power master and the front brake pressure will lock up the front wheels but because the rear brakes do not work that good the car will push the narrow front tires through the lights when staging . The rear wheel cylinders are the larger S-10 ones and the rear brake shoes are new and the aluminum drums were just turned. Thanks for any replies.
This is common, you could install softer shoes but they lock up on a panic stop. On one of my buicks i installed a jump valve to the rear brakes. It works off of a soleanoid and it doubles brake pressure to the rear. One of the buick venders still sell this, i will try to remember.
If the valve doubles rear brake pressure does that mean it takes pressure away from the front brakes?