Popping Sound


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Jul 10, 2022
Hi All,

I recently changed the fuel pump on my 87 GN with a Delphi FE0115 pump. Since changing the pump, I’ve had an intermediate issue with a popping noise at 1/4 throttle or so and the car failing to accelerate. It has also stalled a couple times when putting it in reverse.

Had a spare known good AC Delco coil pack and ICM I tried and still encountering the same issue.

Anyone know where else I should be looking? Thinking a possible lemon fuel pump?
Car running and if there is no provision to depress the schrader valve in the gauge set-up , remove the core , just watch for fuel spraying from residual pressure .
I ordered a fuel pressure gage that looks like goes straight on the schrader valve. So is measuring fuel pressure not possible with the vehicle in park and on it has to be driven?
It can be checked in park , but that will only give you a base fuel pressure reading . Your problem seems to be under load so you would need to see it while driving and rising 1 to 1 with boost .
42-43 psi vac line off = base fuel pressure and 1 psi of fuel pressure added for every psi of boost .