postons rebuild kit???


"NO its not a MONTE"
Apr 20, 2003
I was looking at their master rebuild kit,and was wondering if its any good(pistons,valves,rods,cam ..ect).Has anyone used it before?I have someone to put it together for me,but not sure what to get,dont want to get wrong stuff.Car isnt broke just want to freshen it up before i put other mods on.Im going with a te-60,3"thdp,2800-3200 stall,ported stock heads (do i need any intake work?)009 inj,19 row stock location intrcoolr.Any help on matching cam and such would really be appreciated,looking for mid 11s:) THANX
not familiar with the kit you mentioned but I would def port the intake and get a pwr plate!:D
If there is nothing wrong with your engine, and you just want to freshen it........Clevite, rod and main bearings, about $50. Set of rings.......about $60. Timing chain set.....$15. Gasket set from me for $115 shipped. Comes with head gaskets but GM headgaskets are $80. Just stick with the stock cam. Poston has lifters if you want to replace them....also valve springs. Stock pistons are good pistons. Machine work is up to you but all I'd do is have the rods resized. If you want to spend a bunch of money........go ahead! ;)