Power logger Installation Help

Frank Darcy

Jun 11, 2007
Hi Guys, Just bought a new Power logger from Full Throttle speed and I am having some problems getting it running. I changed the chip in my existing Scanmaster, and did the hardware changes to the ecu. I loaded the installation CD into my Acer Aspire computer running with windows 7. I plugged in the power logger cable into the laptop and turned on the ignition. The scanmaster lights up and displays SCN 2.2 and then PL 24.8. The computer detected a new device and gave me an error message that it could not find a driver. The manual, under Update the poweer logger, says to open windows, open the power logger folder and double click on Update PL20 .exe. I cannot find that file in the folder. Does the Power logger get the engine data directly from being plugged into the ecu or do I need to instal the Power logger i/o connections? Pretty lost right now, any help would be greatly appreciated. Are there any posts that contain detailed installation instructions? The instructions that came with the Power logger have left me scratching my head:confused Thanks
I would go to the Fullthrottle powerlogger forum and get your answer. That is what I had to do when installing the powerlogger and using Vista. It will work. Brad
Need to go here

PowerLogger Software and user manuals !! UPDATED for Win7 - Full Throttle Speed Tech Support

Download the file for the windows 7 drivers and then basically replace the drivers in the powerlogger folder with the new files.

Turn the laptop on, plug the usb cable up, turn the vehicle on. Does the powerlogger led light up? Should see it through the kick panel. Now your computer should find the drivers if not you may have to manually show the computer to look in the newly installed driver folder.

The tech forums over there are full of awesome information by the way.

Good luck,

Jerry jr.
I'm having the same issue, I even manually loaded the drivers from disc and still nothing. And I'm sure Full Throttle will not be open in the morning. The link in the website is dead. Apparently this seems to be an issue for Windows 7 people. But please LMK if you got yours to work and how.
The link I posted is working...

The tech site for full throttle was down last night and most of the day today, but is working again so you may go over there to the support forum and scroll to the last page as there some guys which are experiencing the exact same problems as you guys are and they're getting the help they need.

Jerry Berger Jr.
if the powerlogger is new, then it has the latest software in it.

The FlashPL stuff does not update the drivers, just the software in the PL.

The CD has the Win 7 drivers on it, you just need to direct the driver installation wizard to the PowerLogger/Drivers folder (not either of the folders inside of Drivers)

There are 2 drivers that get installed.