Power Seat Track/Assembly


Aug 19, 2002
Hey guys-

I am needing the driver's side power seat track/assembly for my GN. I have the complete seat with switches etc. It was converted to a manual seat for some reason. I would like to put it back like it should be. If anyone has one, please contact me at cajackson23@yahoo.com

Pics would be appreciated.

Thanks :)
Thanks for info guys! I contacted Brian and he is hooking me up. He is a great guy and I highly recommend buying from him.

Thanks again! :)
seat trac

Hey, the guy may have taken the power seat out because of the height limitation for SASQUATCH guys like me who wouldn't fit in the car (headroom) with that option....I remember going to buy one back in '87 and wanted every possible option but couldn't get the power seat because of my big hyde! ;)

I received the Power Seat Track/Assembly in the mail today. It looks great and I can't wait to install it.

Special thanks to Brain at GBodyParts.com for making the transaction easy. I highly recommend calling him for anything you might need for your Turbo Buick.

Thanks Brian! :D