Precision 6262 - E cover vs. S cover?


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Jul 4, 2011
I just got my 6262 dbb (E cover) turbo in yesterday and noticed that it didnt have the anti surge holes around the inlet. I called Precision and they told me that the anti-surge holes are on the S cover and not the E cover (which wasnt mentioned to me when I called a couple weeks ago). I was going to send it back for an exchange, but wanted to get some insight from you guys before I did.

What are the pros or cons of the S cover (4 inch inlet, 2.5 inch outlet) vs the E cover (3 inch inlet, 2 in outlet) on of a Precision 6262 DBB turbo? Any performance gains or reasons why or why not to choose 1 over the other?
What's your combo? What's your goals?

Currently running TA-61 (JB), alky, 6.1 alky chip, 60lb injectors, 3k stall, walbro pump, iron heads, 70mm TB, rebuilt engine with about 3500-4k on it, refreshed trans with shift, billet servo, aluminum radiator, stretched slic, powerlogger, scanmater
Not going to matter with that setup. Stock heads and motor I take it. He's not going to work the 6262 hard enough
Its not a track/strip car, its a street car. I have gone to the track once or twice before. I dont work the car too hard, but currently running 26lbs if boost.
iron heads, 70mm TB, rebuilt engine with about 3500-4k on it,
if the heads are ported and there is a bigger cam in your built motor I would want the bigger cover,if the heads and cam are stock then I would send the turbo back and get a smaller turbo
I have a bigger cam: Comp Cam - Duration 260/260, Lift. 459/.459, 212/212 @ .050. Heads were redone with new valves and comp cam springs. I do plan to upgrade heads in the future at some point. Engine is bored .030 over.
Ok, thanks for all the replies. I sent the turbo back for an even exchange for the s cover version since thats what i had my mind set on for months. I only had to pay the shipping.