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I have been reading alot of posts about the pte6776bb turbo. My question is, What do you need as far as mods for this turbo to work with your set up. I am wanting to get this turbo because i want the super fast spool that i am reading about. I want to know besides my mods is there anything i need, I just want to bolt the 67bb on and go play!!!!! Here are my mods. I am only running 10 pounds of boost because my car gets crazy on the street.

More than you need to know but here:
Girdled stock block
Gn1 heads
Current turbo 54
Turbo 400 trans
3200 stall
Kenny bell intake
Msd 55 lbs injectors
Direct scan
Scan master
Stock rear gear
Rear air bags
large front mount intercooler
Msd digital dis-4
Accel fuel manager
Turbo saver

Can i just bolt the pte6776bb on and go with no worries? running race gas of course. I only get this car out to play with. Thank you for your input.
Ive run the PT54 to 124mph at 3550lbs. Ive also gone 6.7@102.9 in the eighth with it. Ive never run a BB 6776 but went 128mph with a non BB 6776 at 3700+lbs. You should be able to bolt on and go but the 55's are cutting it close on the 6776 if you plan on running it as hard as it will go without alky. A dp'r may need to be employed. Spool should be better than the PT54 with the 6776 BB and the .63ex. The .85ex may be the same or even spool faster than the PT54. I love the 6776 in general. It works well on anything with cam and heads as long as you can feed it enough fuel. You should be able to run a lot more than 10 psi on todays tire tech. Get some M/T drag radials. 275/60-15.
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Other than camshaft, your combo is the perfect candidate for simply putting on a 6776RE, 6776RS or 6776RH and ridin.

I agree, the injectors will hold you back, which maxed out, they can support around 660 flywheel hp. On that turbo with your combo, that would be at around 25-26psi.
Ok, what is an Accel Fuel Manager? Did you mean an Accel DFI or engine management system?

Or are you running a modified stock computer with a chip burned for the 55s?

Depending on what cam you have, the converter looks like it's plenty. If you want to be able to max out the turbo, you will need to upgrade to at least 60# Mototron injectors, 72# Siemens or 75# Delphi injectors, as the turbo can support up to 780 flywheel hp when maxed out at around 30-32psi.

I guess I'm playing the part of lab monkey with my current setup, as my 98K mile motor is stock with valve springs and a timing chain. I currently run the PT6776RHP turbo with a .63 A/R PTE housing, 60# Mototron injectors, a TT Race chip on a stock computer, 3000 stall at zero psi 10" l/u converter, RJC power plate for stock t-body and stock plenum, stock headers, TH 3" downpipe with dual 2 3/4" exhaust, 4" MAF pipe and cold air kit, single Walbro 340 pump with hot wire kit and adj fuel press regulator and last but not least an RJC IC 375 Megacooler front mount IC. Stock rear end with dual air bags, Full Throttle larger rear sway bar, no front sway bar.

This combo is very streetable and she's an animal when the boost swings past 20psi. Spool up is very good. I just wish the weather would behave so I could take her out more. It's currently storming outside now. I've got 9 gallons of C16 in the tank right now and was only able to test the waters a few times this past Friday night during my date. Felt pretty good at 23psi and on race timing.

If you want to bolt on one of those turbos and just go without having to make any changes, then the PT6776RE would be the easiest way to go. It uses the exact same wastegate actuator and hoses that you currently have on your PT54 turbo. It would also be the quickest spooling version due to the TO4E style compressor cover.
Hope some of this helps.

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I hope i dont sound like an idiot but what are the differences in the (re,rs,rh.) Are they ball bearing turbos? Is it the ball bearing setup that makes them spool so fast? Also my hats off to everyone who drives on the street with 25#s of boost, I only run 10#s and its plain nasty. I wish i could ride in someones car running 25#s on the street. In no way am i being sarcastic but that must feel totally nasty!!!!! Ive got to pay attention to my surroundings when i get on it. Not to brag or sound like a wuss but im scared of it. I bought this car 7 months ago 1st turbo car, and im not sure what else it has on it. Chip dont know, Accel fuel manager little black box on steering shaft. The guy who did engine and other mods name was tommy ???? Built it for strip little street, I drive it 98% street little strip. I guess my main question is will the pte6776bb spool super fast just bolt it and go, Yes i will later buy bigger injectors, Why i want to go faster i dont know, Right now when i get on it its such a rush i think im having a heart attack its so awsome what these cars are able to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just a little fish in a big pond;) ;) ;) ;) ;) Tommy was in the dallas area.
RE is ball bearing E cover (3" inlet, 2" outlet)
RS is ball bearing S cover (4" inlet, 2.5" outlet)
RH is ball bearing H cover (4" inlet, 3" outlet)

I hope you guys running this turbo on a stock motor have a REALLY good tune because IMO you are gently crossing a fine line of what the stock rotating assembly can handle powerwise. That turbo can support almost 800 flywheel horsepower and that is way more than what a stock never touched rotating assembly can handle...I would know...I pulled my motor out and stripped it down over the weekend and the main caps were walking like a son of a gone (meaning the crank was flexing so much, the caps were giving a little). I'm surprised I didn't split the caps first instead of the block. I know my tune wasn't perfect, but that turbo did a number on my 120k original motor. I'm just careful!:D
Well today is monday and i just cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!! So i ordered the 67bb with water kit from Full Throttle. Should be here by friday I hope, cant wait. I Ordered it from a guy named jason, He was super nice and helpfull to my ordering and shipping needs. I think all my orders will be from them if they carry what i need.;) I will be installing my new mini-monster as soon as i get her. Will post my thoughts on the new mini-monster after install and tire lighting session.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Man this is going to be a long week.:mad: :mad: Its the 4in 2.5out.
Well just my luck!!!!!! Got the turbo and water kit fri the 17th, And no actuator.:mad: Installed the turbo and water kit sunday, now just got to wait some more for the actuator!!!!!!! I hate waiting.:mad: Will post my responce after I get the part and test drive.
man that sucks. Post some pics and let us know how things turn out once you get it back on the road.